10th Anniversary of the Agroturismo Son Lladó


In July of 1999, when we inherited the Finca Son Lladó, we started the restoration works to convert the Finca into an agroturismo.


In July 2000 we finished the first phase, and we started the first chapter in our new lives.

A new job or a new life philosophy? …


We summarize in this Post the impressions of Pep Ollers, the owner of the Agroturisme Son Lladó.

“When we inherited the farm and saw the necessary work needed to rehabilitate it, we quickly realised that the “pearl in the rough” we had in our hands would never get polished from the farm income it generated. At that time, interested in retaining ownership of this precious heritage, we decided to bet on the only option available, which was to continue maintaining a living from the farm, but at the same time adapt the facilities to the new times: convert Son Llado, an agricultural farm with livestock as assets, which originated in the seventeenth century – into an Agroturismo. “


“The road has not been easy. The tortuous process of documentation for its legalisation was compounded by a costly investment. We had to start small, scheduling various phases. During the early years, the summer was occupied attending to our customers and in the winter we continued improving the property. After we had completed the living areas and the swimming pool we continued to create new garden areas. In recent years, we have strived to offer new and better services, while we designed a strategy to improve the sustainability of the whole set of buildings, gardens and farm and we are now generating satisfactory results. “



“Initially we set our goals for completion in ten years (works fully completed, consolidated customer base, liquidated bank loans, etc.). But this is a demanding activity, which never stops demanding more …”

“Today, close to entering our tenth tourist season, we look back and feel proud of our achievements in recent years. We still have goals to meet, but our main goal: To consolidate economically The Agroturismo Son Llado enough so the family could survive again with the new operation of the finca, is every day becoming closer. “

“At this time we thank those who made this possible and contributed decisively to the joyous fact that we can now prepare our tenth anniversary. Principally to our customers. Other contributors (families, banks, vendors, staff, …) of whom we have received support, affection, and support facilities – in most cases also have played their part, much needed throughout this process. But those who have made us really believe in our project and helped us develop and grow professionally and humanly have been our clients. “

“At the dawn of the beginning of our tenth season, with advance reservations from more and more customers (or friends?) than ever, we look forward with renewed strength their stay in our accommodation, happy to have been able to create an ideal setting for holidays and be successful in dealing with our relationship with them”.


From our family – Ollers Vives, we appreciate the times visited by each and every one of our guests over the years. And to all those who feel interest and motivation to stay with us in our Mallorcan Agroturismo, we want you to know that we are happy to be your choice and personally serve you at our facility.


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